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Hi! I'm Marilynn,

I have always had a great love and interest for all animals and everything purple! Currently there is a lovely Pitt bull named Oreo who is nine years old and Peewee a four year old Chihuahua mix and our latest edition Diesel a red nose pittie who is almost two years old now make part of my family. Growing up my house was always filled with dogs and I cared for them with great joy. Now I have made it not only my pleasure but my job. I have spent the last years working at Animal Clinic of the Oaks, Camarillo Animal Shelter, pet sitting, and working alongside some amazing vets. I recognize that pets are a very important part of our lives and I take great pride in caring for your pets just as I would my own. I look forward to meeting your pets and offering you quality care you can trust

Hi I'm Karina.

Like Marilynn, I grew up in a pet loving house hold. Horses, dogs, chickens, peacocks and goats. You name it we had it! Growing up I learned not only of the joy of having pets but of the responsibility of taking care of them. I am happy that I can now take this experience into helping others with their pets. I love all things beauty related, coffee and best of all spending time with my family. I look forward to meeting your pets to give them the same love and care as I do to my own.

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