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Charm School

I want to share a funny story with you guys. My 5 year old niece Luna is currently going through a phase. Her mom says she needs an attitude adjustment ASAP.

Being that I dont have any children of my own, I really have no advice for her. Now if she had a problem with her dog, I could TOTALLY help her there. In fact, because of my niece that is exactly what i'm going to do for all of you.

See Luna was telling her mom how there is this thing called "Charm School" where you learn to behave. So, my sister though that luna wanted to attend Charm School. Turns out the Charm School idea was for her dog.

So this got me thinking...

We could all use a little charm in our lives. If you have a furry loved one that needs behavior tips, I have just the SOLUTION!!!

I have a wonderfull friend Lindsey McGeorge over at Lindsey's Waggin' Tails Pet Training

Not only has she helped me train my own furr babies (as she likes to call them) but several of my clients as well. Check her out.

New Year New You

Why not apply it to your pet

So Sparky its time for some charm

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