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Fa La La La La

The Holidays are upon us!!

It's a wonderful yet HECTIC time of the year! Everyone is busy busy busy!

But, I do have to say I'm feeling very accomplished this year. You see, usually its Xmas eve and I'm still wrapping presents. oops! I'm sure I'm not alone right?

Anyway...Not this time!

My tree is up and the gifts are wrapped and ready to go! Well technically they already went hehe under the tree that is!

(Of course it's purple!! Beautiful isn't it?)

So, in the gift of giving and since I'm all done with my holiday to-do list. My gift to you is

Speaking of not forgetting your pets... don't forget to get them something special this holiday season. For example, the gift of health is always welcome! So, we invite you to half off an exam with Dr. Deam or Dr. Strieby at

Also, read these tips on keeping your pets happy and healthy this holiday season.

everyone the best for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

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